Life has its challenges.

You have our ear and research-proven tools to work through them.

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Just one 45 minute session can give you fresh perspective and proven tools to feel better.

Specialists trained by a Stanford psychologist, just $34 per session.

1. Pick anytime you want for a session. We work around your schedule.

2. Share some basic information about what brought you to Basis. We'll match you with a specialist accordingly.

3. Hop on a phone or video call at the scheduled time. Your specialist will have whatever context you shared.

4. You'll work through the issue using research-proven methods. The Basis approach is backed by real science.

5. End the session with a concrete takeaway and plan. The impact is immediate.

6. Schedule additional sessions as needed. No membership, no commitment.

How are you feeling?

An objective person to talk to.
Research-proven tools to help guide you.
Here for you wherever, whenever.

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